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4.0 Joe

Light and Crisp

ABV 4.0%

West Coast IPA

IPA Double Dry Hopped 

ABV 7.4%     86 IBU

Belgian Sour Apricot

Belgian Sour

ABV 6.5%

Irish Stout (Nitro)

ABV 5.1%


Cider made with limes, agave and Himalayan pink salt

ABV 6.3%

Belgian Sour Pear

Belgian Sour

ABV 6.5%

Belgian Sauvignon Blanc Grape Sour

Belgian Sour

ABV 6.5%

Irish Stout (CO2)

ABV 5.1%

Tupac/ Biggie Remix

Hazy  IPA with West Coast hops

ABV 7.2%     

West Coast Pale Ale

American Pale Ale

ABV 5.5%

Nautical Smile

SCS style wheat beer

ABV 5.5%

Czech Amber

Clean lager character, rich malt aroma slightly caramelly. Spicy, floral or herbal hop character.

ABV 4.9%

Coming Soon


Raspberry Iced Tea ABV 8.6%

Hurricane ABV 8.6%

Chardonnay ABV 13.2%

Red Blend ABV 13.5%

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